Home-Spa is now easier & affordable than ever. Get your healthy glowing skin in 14 days with just 2 simple steps.
🔐Unlock The Beauty Ritual of
Ancient Egyptian Queen
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Exfoliating is 1 of the BEST way to
  detox SKIN-our largest organ

🤙Granules help to shed off dead skin.
🤙Rubbing action boost blood circulation & promotes lymphatic drainage.
🤙Aiding skincare products to penetrate better.

A great BALANCED body scrub must have the RIGHT RATIO of 

🔴 Skin Scrubbing Elements
🔴 Skin Moisturising Elements
🔴 Relaxing scent 

Pre-treatment Body Scrub
Bittersweet Grapefruits

Citrusy pure grapefruits oil improves fluid retention.
♥️A Powdered Scrub
♥️Can customise consistency by adding more/lesser water to suit your desire

Pink Himalayan Salt 
Enhance blood circulation, promotes detoxification
 Enhance skin cells turnover.
Oryza Sativa Powder 
Lighten skin & minimise sign of ageing.
White Clay 
"Magnet cleaner”, negatively charged particles bind to positively charged toxins & pulls them from your pores. 
Gram Flour 
Remove tan and lighten skin.
Green Papaya Powder 
Papain lifts dullness & restore radiance.
Organic Rosehip Oil 
Boost skin healing, renewal & increase skin firmness.


RM 49.90

Midnight Recovery Serum
Serene Lavender

The 7 wondrous-oil elixir to strengthen & speed up skin repair process for a velvety smooth complexion. Lightly scented with healing & mediative Pure Lavender Essential Oil.
♥️ Non-greasy formula
♥️Premium Cold Pressed Plant Oil as skin "Super-Food"

Grape Seed Oil
Polyphenol protect skin from free radicals.
Apricot Kernel Oil 
Resealing skin’s barrier. 
Squalane Oil 
Absorbs into the deepest parts of skin instantly. Increase skin luminosity & vibrancy. 
Organic Jojoba Oil 
Stimulating wound healing.
Organic Baobao Oil 
Protecting against collagen breakdown. 
Carrot Seed Oil 
Skin lightener & brightener. 
Organic Rosehip Oil 
Stimulating collagen & elastin.


RM 89.90


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